Journey to a healthier you ... mind, body & soul.

You don't have to train like an athlete to be fit.  You don't have to wait for a vacation to relax and relieve stress.  But you do have to take steps to build a healthier you!  Most athletes retire at an early age due to injury and declined performance.  Yoga and meditation practice are a method of health and fitness that will maintain you, mind, body & soul, well into your later years. Begin to move your focus from surface aesthetics to mental and emotional awareness and physical flexibility and balance.

Yoga is a very personal practice.  It is an individual journey for everyone who steps onto the mat.  Each student has their own reason for taking this journey.  Some will use it as a form of exercise.  For others it is a time for meditation and introspection.  Still others might seek social enrichment.  No matter what gets you on your mat, be mindful it is an uplifting practice of self-discovery.  Regular yoga practice promotes physical health and mental wellbeing.

At Citta the Soul, we believe mindfulness (citta) is the seat of our very soul.  Citta the Soul is a yoga and meditation shala, or yoga practice home, located in the City of Stonecrest, just 13 miles east of downtown Atlanta, Georgia.  With emphasis on breathing techniques and guided moving meditation, Citta the Soul practices thoughtful and reflexive yoga to promote both physical and mental wellbeing.  Our shala is equipped with mats, towels, and props, so show up ready to grow your personal practice! 

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