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Presents of Mind Healing

We are honored to welcome Becky Shanks and her healing services to our shala serving the eastside community. Becky offers her healing services through Presents of Mind in individual and group settings.

Presents of Mind hypnotic healing facilitates a practice that unmasks the most authentic self. Becky teaches the skills necessary to recognize, accept, nurture, and empower denied aspects of Self to enLIGHTen and integrate “the shadow”. Firmly rooted patterns and limiting beliefs are quickly modified with suggestion, Reiki story telling, guided imagery, NLP, and crystal singing bowls.

Hypnotic healing has helped many find that shift from anxious, depressed, and grieving to feeling safe, comfortable, and joyous in this ever-changing, present moment. Learn to let go of looping thoughts, stay present and focused, and manage empathy and psychic sensitivities —> you’re not crazy … you’re sensitive! Working together with Becky will shift hidden, limiting beliefs, allowing you to expand beyond outmoded patterning and trauma and ultimately release energetic blocks that, in the past, kept you from living life at your highest potential.

Reiki therapy is a Japanese healing practice that allows for deeper connection to the energy (Rei) in and around all life (ki). Reiki induces the state of hypnosis, harmonizes the conscious and subconscious minds, nurtures and clarifies the subtle emotional and energetic bodies; it helps restore balance and well-being. When paired, hypnotherapy and Reiki raise the frequency of your mental, emotional, physical, and energetic bodies to cultivate an environment within the body that naturally supports healing.

Reiki healing sessions last up to 1.5 hours and include a brief interview, intention setting, and 45 minutes of Reiki healing paired with channeled meditative suggestions and healing-grade Himalayan singing bowls. Your Reiki session is like a sonic massage for mind, body, and Soul and lincludes a beautiful, unique, utterly relaxing audible record of your energetic healing sessin.

Sound Therapy is offered with Crystal Tones singing alchemy bowls. Becky offers regular alchemical sound meditation at Atlanta and Athens yoga studios, partnering with yoga teachers, mediation guides, artists, and musicians while also holding sacred space for circles and ceremonies with crystal singing bowls. If you are a creative interested in collaborating, or if you desire your very own personalized “intentional” sound meditation or hypnotic recording, or if you would like the Crystal Choir to create and hold space for an intimate ceremony, celebration, event, or gathering, please contact Becky directly at (404) 449-9266 or

Three Session Package is most popular and includes hypnotic healing, Reiki therapy, and crystal sound bath. Please schedule at

The initial session (up to 2 hours) will include an in-depth interview while simultaneously leading you into a relaxed, highly focused, suggestible state of hypnosis. With the information gleaned from the interview, you will receive a personalized script, followed by hypnotic meditation with crystal singing alchemy bowls accompaniment. You will receive a recording of your meditation for personal use and self hypnosis practice.